In honor of our 20th year offering the best quality music lessons in the area, we invite you to join a small group guitar or piano class for beginners for just $20 a week for 10 weeks. That’s 10 weeks of lessons for just $200, plus a $10 book fee. Classes begin in early October and mid-January.

Classes will be 2-4 students per class.  When only 2 students enroll in the class, they will receive a 30-minute weekly class along with music theory assignments. When 3-4 students enroll in the class, they will receive a 45-minute weekly class along with music theory assignments.

We hope you will join us!


A Committed Team-Atmosphere between Student, Parent, and Teacher: Making a 10-week commitment to the other students in the class is essential. Unfortunately no refunds can be given for early withdrawal from class.  At the end of the 10 week session, you may opt to take advantage of our ‘Stay or Switch’ offer and continue music instruction with the same instrument or switch to a different teacher or instrument.

What’s Expected: Students are encouraged to arrive at least 5 minutes before their scheduled class time and to bring all books, assignments, and materials to each class.  These small group classes work best for students who enjoy a ‘team work’ type of environment and who are committed to attending each session with a positive outlook and the anticipation of learning something new.  Students who are the most successful are those who complete their weekly practice assignments and arrive each week ready to learn!*

*Students who do their best work when having the undivided attention of the instructor are encouraged to consider private lessons.

 CLASSES MISSED BY STUDENTS are not refundable. Teachers are paid for their contracted time, even in a student’s absence. When possible, please inform the office in advance of any absences. Students arriving late will not have their class time extended. When possible, a SUBSTITUTE TEACHER will be provided when a teacher is absent.

Instruments: Investing in a quality instrument is an important element in a student’s success. This will make the learning process more enjoyable. If you already have an instrument, please make sure it is in good repair and in tune.  Student size guitars may also be rented from the Rockwall School of Music, based on availability, for an additional $20/month.