Getting to know your instructor:

Carl Ferre’-Lang is known by his students as “Carl”. Carl started getting serious about his career in performance at age 17. “Before that I was primarily interested in music composition/orchestration”.

As for a significant and inspiring event, Carl won a top accolade at a UIL music theory completion in 4th grade.

Carl studied double bass in high school for 3 years under roger Fratena. He studied composition for a year with Dr. Jerry Wallace. He also studied under Tom Lederer for 5 years during and after completion of BM in Music Performance at SMU. Performed under Paul Phillips, Jack Delaney, Alan Wagner and Frederick Fennell. Performed abroad and in the US as a soloist while in school.

Carl’s philosophy is: “I would hope that students try to do the things I tell them to do to the best of their ability. I am not interested in forcing anyone to do anything, but I will simply manufacture the simplest exercises possible to begin to put together building blocks of a fundamental musical education. I have an interest in teaching whatever theoretical background is required by the student to enhance their overall experience. I am fluent in many music styles and can teach aurally (the way I first learned playing in blues bars with other musicians) and visually, depending on the student’s preference. I find that much of my teaching style is dictated by the style of music the student wishes to pursue, though I am adamant about including some general theoretical musical background, particularly to students who so desperately need the benefit of fluent musical literacy taught in school from an early age.”

Something humorous about Carl: “I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 16 seconds! I am competing at the US Open.”