Getting to know your instructor:

Jason Bucklin, known by his students as Jason or Mr. Bucklin “if that’s how their parents taught them to address adults!” He began playing guitar at age 10. “I joined the high school jazz band in the 9th grade. I started playing professionally at age 14. Those things, along with a music theory course offered at the high school, was when I began to master the guitar.”

Mr. Bucklin knew that music would be a significant part of his life when “seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show at age 5!”

Mr. Bucklin is “self-taught mostly, with stage experience being the best education. I studied classical guitar for several years during my twenties. I have experience playing all types of music. I started teaching at age 19”.

Mr. Bucklin’s teaching philosophy is “be willing to learn to read music, learn theory and play by ear. Seek to be a well-rounded musician that can appreciate and play different styles.”

…And now for something interesting about Mr. Bucklin!

“I love hats and almost always wear one. I would sleep with one on my head if I could figure out a way!”