Getting to know your instructor:

Adam Eason is known by his students as “Mr. Eason”. Mr. Eason began lessons in the 6th grade. “I didn’t want to be in band or choir, so that left orchestra. The violin and viola were uncomfortable, and the bass was too big so the cello was it! Kind of like ‘Goldilocks’”.

“There was never much doubt music would be my path in life, so I’ll tell a different story. During High School, my senior year, I was in the All-State Philharmonic. I was greatly disappointed in this because I had been working hard to get into the Symphony (top-tier) and was let down by the audition results. In reality, I ended up first chair of the group with a phenomenal conductor and an awesome concert. The Symphony, on the other hand, experienced a truly terrible conductor and I heard complaints from everyone involved. That’s when I learned it’s not the “where” that matters. It’s the music and the people you make it with. I have tried to live my life surrounding myself with good music and good people without worrying too much about great expectations. It has made my life immeasurably better”.

Mr. Eason began his studies in music “in Middle School out in Katy and was truly awful at my instrument. But I practiced and persevered. In High School, I made All-State orchestras all 4 years, and then went to Vanderbilt for a while. The school wasn’t a great fit so I transferred to SMU then graduated with a BA in music. School was always a tiresome thing so I stopped, struck it out on my own and haven’t looked back.”

Mr. Eason philosophy is “it doesn’t matter how good you are at music. What matters is you enjoy playing it. Of course, you’ll enjoy it more when you can play music well but if you have fun with it and play for the joy of it then doing the hard work to get better becomes much, much easier!”