One of my favorite professors in college was lecturing on the various ways a teacher can teach different concepts to their students when one of my fellow classmates asked, “Which of these teaching techniques is the least effective way of teaching?” We each waited with baited breath to hear what he would say. His answer stunned us because it was so simple and yet so enlightening. He replied, “The method you use all the time becomes the least effective method.” He went on to explain that no matter how fresh and innovative a teaching method is, when used over and over it can become less and less effective.

I believe the same can be said for how a music student practices their musical instrument. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut by practicing in the exact same way every time– adding variety to your practice routine can help keep things interesting!  Each week, a student is expected to complete specific practice assignments from their teacher, but they can approach their assignments in a different way each time.

To help with this, I have designed our unique and Exclusive RSM Weekly Practice Plan, called the 10 X 10 Plan For Success. Each day the lesson, technique, theory, and rhythm assignments are emphasized along with additional bonus tips to help develop the many skills needed to become a well-rounded musician.  Try it out! To see a sample of this practice plan, go here: 10 x 10 Plan for Success

Good luck! I hope this information will help you jump-start your practice time at home and allow you to energize the way you learn. Routines are helpful but being locked into a rut can remove the joy from your music.  Let’s help keep the music alive by keeping it interesting!  See you soon—

Serving you with integrity and gratitude,

Russ Porter, Ambassador for the Arts

Director, Rockwall School of Music

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