An Added Benefit of Music Lessons for Kids

Has your child expressed an interest in performing music?  Budding musicians may select piano lessons, guitar lessons or a number of other instruments to pursue. With regular music lessons and practice times, and as they make steady progress week by week, they will begin to sense the pride of accomplishing something through their own passion and dedication. More often than not at some point in time they are bitten by the ‘Performance Bug’ and begin to look for ways share their talent with friends and family. Indulge this impulse!  At the Rockwall School of Music we offer four performance opportunities  to showcase students’ abilities in  piano lessonsguitar lessons, and other music lessons offered here in Rockwall. The next performance opportunities will be coming up December 20-22, 2013.  Winter Recitals will occur Friday-Sunday,  at 45 minute increments, allowing 10 recital times for all of our students the opportunity to showcase their talents. You can schedule a time with your instructor at your next lesson. In order to ensure that this and every performance opportunity is a good experience for your student, following these simple guidelines:
1. If at all possible, memorize your selection. This will ensure the highest possibility for success.
2. Look for ways to share your recital music with others. The more you perform in various environments, the better prepared you will be.
3. Review with your teacher the basic music theory concepts that will allow you to know how your music has been composed and what to do in case you have a memory lapse.

We look forward to our next recital and hope you can join us. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our guitar lessons, piano lessons or other instruments, please contact us.