Meet Russ Porter, Owner at the Rockwall School of Music.

About the expert

Russ Porter holds a bachelor’s degree in Music from Ouachita Baptist University and a master’s degree in music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2004, Russ and his wife, Karen, became owners of the Rockwall School of Music. Over the years, Rockwall School of Music has instructed literally thousands of students in piano, guitar, drum, violin, viola, cello, bass, ukulele and voice.

What is the span of ages served?

We currently serve over 800 students from ages four to 94! Our Music Exploration Class is offered to children in Pre-K and Kinder. For all other students, we recommend private, individualized lessons. All ages and all skill levels are welcome. One of our piano students likes to brag about being the oldest at age 94. She loves to keep learning!

What are the benefits of either individual lessons or group classes?

We find that most people prefer private lessons so they can move at their own pace. However, small group classes are also offered to students who prefer to learn in a group setting with 2-3 other students who are near the same age and same skill level. We truly do our best to provide something for all ages and all stages of life.

Do you offer special programming/camps for summer?

We’ve created a unique summer camp experience which is simply called Music Sampler Camp. It’s offered to children from first through fifth grade. The camp is offered during the morning hours Mon – Thurs and allows campers to ‘sample’ some of the most popular instruments that we teach; piano, drums, guitar or ukulele. By the end of the camp students typically fall in love with one of those instruments then move into private lessons for more advanced lessons. It’s a great way for children to try out different instruments and see where their musical passion lies.  

Do all students have varying goals when they come to you?

We have students who come to us wanting more advanced lessons to prepare them to play in college or to be Music majors. Some high school students enroll to prepare for regional and state competitions. The goals definitely vary which is why most students prefer individual lessons. One might want to learn to be in a jazz band while another might be interested in musical theater. Still others are beginners who are wanting to learn a new musical skill. Everyone comes with different desires and expectations. We have 50 teachers who work with our students to help them meet their individual goals.

What sets Rockwall School of Music apart from other academies?

Safety is a top priority at RSM. All of our teachers pass an extensive background check. We have cameras installed in all public spaces and have large observation windows in each studio. A full-time office staff is present, and our open-door policy allows parents to be present for their child’s lesson. We take pride in being a safe place for all of our students.

Additionally, RSM is part of an exclusive, international program called Musical Ladder. This allows us to provide individualized awards for students as they meet new benchmarks. Additionally, students and parents love being able to come into our highly professional setting. We can teach multiple students from the same family at once, or if an individual student wants to learn multiple instruments, that’s a convenience we offer as well.

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