• If RSM cancels a lesson, RSM will provide a make-up lesson with the teacher or a comparable substitute teacher.
    • If a parent (or account manager) cancels a lesson at least 24 hours in advance, a lesson credit will be issued. The lesson credit can be used for a make-up lesson with any teacher who has cancellation availability.
    • Lesson cancellations and the subsequent rescheduling of lesson credits must be initiated by the parent (or account manager) using our online scheduling system which will display the availability of teacher time slots for which cancellation credits can be used.
    • A lesson credit which has been used to schedule a make-up lesson cannot be canceled and subsequently rescheduled. Rather, a cancellation of the make-up lessons is forfeited. Lesson credits will expire 4 months after issuance. All lesson credits expire upon termination of membership.
    • No lesson credits will be issued without 24 hours advance notice and no refunds will be issued.

Membership withdrawal requires 30-day advance written notice by emailing a RSM Withdrawal Form to No refunds will be given for any lessons not attended in the 30-day notice period. RSM reserves the right to terminate any membership, in which case prorated tuition will be refunded. Membership is not transferable. Please call our office to withdraw from lessons.