Getting to know your instructor:

Chuck Pangburn, known by his students as Mr. Chuck or Mr. Pangburn. He began receiving lessons in 1964, “just about the time the Beatles played the 3 shows on Ed Sullivan”.
Chuck knew that music would be a significant part of his life when “at his first competition his band won the 7th grade talent show competition”.
Chuck Pangburn is currently in his ninth year as guitar instructor at the Rockwall School of Music. Mr. Pangburn provides over 30 years of teaching experience. He specializes in instruction for all levels. From beginners to advanced players, Mr. Pangburn covers all music styles including Jazz, Classical, Rock, Country and Christian. Mr. Pangburn studied under the great Jack Petersen who established the guitar department at Berklee College of Music and of UNT fame. Mr. Chuck was the Director of Jazz Guitar and Electric Bass at Dallas’ premiere Arts Magnet High School – Booker T. Washington School for the Performing Arts for 31 years. Chuck has instructed many students who through their education were recognized as DownBeat winners, many have since been recipients of Grammy awards.
Pangburn was among the faculty of the Arts Magnet High School – Booker T. Washington School for the Performing Arts recognized for outstanding commitment to music education when they were awarded the prestigious Grammy Award as a Gold Grammy Signature School. In addition, Chuck’s students at the Arts Magnet have performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival from 2001 – 2005.
A DFW native, Mr. Pangburn has also been a guitar instructor at Eastfield College, Mountain View College, Brook Mays and Pangburn Studios. Pangburn’s experience includes the production and direction of many guitar shows, ensembles, concerts and master classes. He has written and arranged thousands of chord solos, seven of which have won DownBeat awards. He has performed professionally at a variety of events including the Crystal Charity Ball, the Houston Rodeo, Jazz Festivals and a performance for the President of the United States. He has recorded several CDs, demos and jingles.
Pangburn has authored several chord solo books and invented the Chord Grid System, a revolutionary system that enables guitarists to read and play chord solos with ease. In addition, he encourages students to learn jazz chords and created the Chord Voicing System that includes voicing for eight of the commonly used chord forms.
“The greatest experience in my life was taking private lessons from Jack Petersen for 4.5 years”.
Mr. Pangburn’s students can expect “a very structured approach to learning, reading, open string chords, bar chords and theory. Students should have their homework every week in a binder and well organized.”