Getting to know your instructor:

Dr. Mary Etta Hobbs is known by her students as “Dr. Hobbs” but adults may call me ‘Mary Etta””.

About her background, Dr. Hobbs says; “I started taking lessons in High School in Ann Arbor Michigan with Mrs. Hilbish, wife of the University of Michigan’s choral director. I started to receive attention at that time for my singing. I won a competition with some Men’s chorus and was sent to Interlochen for 2 weeks”.

As for an inspiring event that occurred during her life, Dr. Hobbs says; “We had a small singing group that sang continually and performed occasionally. My best friend announced she was majoring in music and I realized that was what I wanted also”.

Dr. Hobbs has a BA in Voice from Abilene Christian University, a MME in Voice from University of North Texas and a DMA in Vocal Performance from University of North Texas. I also attended workshops in Opera & Musical Theater Directing with Wesley Baulk and Vocal Pedagogy with Richard Miller.”

Dr. Hobbs’ philosophy for her students: “I expect my students to love to sing. I can only give them as much as they are willing to receive. I can direct you which way to go but your success depends on you and how much you put into the task. Being a good singer depends on having a good instrument (God given), having good direction (a teacher) and hard work.

Something interesting about Dr. Hobbs: “I am a member of Rockwall Music Teachers Association and National Association of Teachers of Singing. There are competitions associated with each of these.”