A spry 83-year-old took me by surprise when he walked into the Rockwall School of Music.  He casually lumbered up to the desk with a smile that ignited the room and said, ‘I’ve been lugging this violin around for 15 years. I’ve decided if I’m ever going to learn to play it, I better start now,”and so began a wonderful relationship with Mr. Robert Earl Williams. “He had the passion and we had the teachers; it was a match made in heaven,” said Russ Porter, director of RSM. Granted Mr. Williams had some challenges to overcome with arthritic joints in his hand and having to modify the violin shoulder position due to an old injury; but that didn’t keep him from pursuing his lifelong dream of playing ‘Amazing Grace’ at his church.  Each week we were greeted with Mr. Williams infectious smile and passion to accomplish his instrument.  After several months of lessons, with his family sitting in the congregation he made his church debut beautifully playing “Amazing Grace” on his violin.  It wasn’t long after is first and only performance of worship that Mr. Williams suffered a mild stroke that ended his brief but successful musical journey.  There is no age to music.  It doesn’t expire, or somehow become out of reach.  If anyone has the passion, the capacity to learn is available to them.  Rockwall School of Music is proud to be a place where all ages, and all stages of life can come in pursuit of their musical dream.