Getting to know yourinstructor:

Jennifer Nation, known by her students as “Miss Jennifer”.

“I started playing piano when I was 5 and took lessons for 12 years. I was in voice lessons at a young age and continued to use that throughout my life”.

Miss Jennifer knew that music would be a significant part of her life when “in high school my choir director was like a second father to me. My senior year he told me that one day I would be teaching music to children. I was going to nursing school the following year so this was humorous to me. Little did I know that he was right all along and here I am, now doing what I love the most, teaching music to children”.

Miss Jennifer grew up travelling all over the world with her dad as an Air Force Pilot. Her travelling gave her a deep love for other cultures and ways of life. She took piano lessons and voice lessons from age 5. She taught children’s choir in her church and also has taught piano lessons over the years. Miss Jennifer currently helps lead worship at her church. She recently left her job as a nanny to pursue a career in Kindermusik. She is looking forward to combining her love for kids and her passion for music. Newly married, Miss Jennifer moved to the Dallas area a little over a year age. She is so excited to be here to share her love of music with others! She invites you to come join her at Kindermusik for a wonderful time of making new friends, learning new skills, and delighting in the joy of music.

Miss Jennifer “strongly believes that music should be a joy, not an obligation or a chore. I hope to create an environment where music class is both educational and enjoyable, something the kids look forward to coming to each week. I will be looking forward to it also!

…And now for something interesting aboutMiss Jennifer!

“My favorite thing to do is curl up in cold weather with a good book, a cozy blanket, and a great cup of coffee”.