Getting to know your instructor:

Julia Hironaga is known by her students as “Julia” or “Miss Julia”.

About her background, Miss Julia says; “Music has always been a huge part of my life! I started taking piano and voice lessons when I was 8 years old and throughout Middle School and High School I participated in many recitals, competitions and festivals”.

As for an inspiring event that occurred during her life, Miss Julia says; “In High School, I volunteered with some friends to perform a few songs at a nursing home. Everyone loved the music we made! It really brought it home to me that music is meant to bless others”.

Miss. Julia took 4 years of voice lessons and studied piano at Howard Payne University for 4 years after which she received a Bachelor’s Degree in piano performance”.

Miss Julia’s philosophy for her students is “that I make sure that a portion of each lesson is spent on covering materials that are essential for a good musical foundation, such as music theory, sight reading and technique, but I also give my students the freedom to choose if they want to work on a particular book, style, music or technique, such as improvisation. I understand the challenges that come with learning music, but I also know that once learned, music becomes a lifelong skill that can be used at any time to bless others and bring you a sense of personal fulfillment.”

Something humorous about Miss Julia is “I LOVE shopping for candy! I encourage my students to eat candy (although they should brush their teeth afterwards). Also, I can’t whistle!