Middle School Age and Up Camps

World Drum Camp $169 – (ages 6-14)

June 23-27, July 7-11  M-F from 12:30 – 2:30 PM

Hand Drums

Explore the universal language of rhythm with hand drumming! This camp allows students to experience the musical traditions from around the world and how drums and specific rhythm patterns enhance their secular and religious culture. After this camp, students will be able play authentic rhythms with different voices on their drum. A demonstration presentation will be offered to parents at 2:00 on the last day of the camp. (Minimum of 3 students.)

Materials Needed: Drums are provided in camps (Toca Freestyle Djembes), however, we strongly recommended students to purchase personal drums for practicing at home. Drum costs range from $35 to $60 depending on its size. More information is available from Mr. Croucher.

Guitar Camp for Older Students $249 – (ages 12-15)

July 21 – 25  M-F from 9:30 AM-12:00 PM

This camp allows older students who are new to the guitar to accelerate their learning process. They will be introduced to the skills required to begin their journey into the world of lead and rhythm guitar. An added benefit of this class will be to understand some of the basic music theory components that make for a well-rounded guitarist. This class will be taught by two-time Grammy Award Winning Guitar Instructor, Chuck Pangburn. Snacks will be served daily. A demonstration presentation will be offered to parents at 11:30 AM on the last day of the camp.