Rockwall School of Music prides itself on not only providing the best teachers to our community of musicians, but also providing a place that will consistently be here for your music lesson needs.  This year was our first year to launch an open enrollment system.  Starting in August 2017 we no longer have specific registration seasons, but rather are now a place that students can walk in and begin their musical journey any time of the year.  To that end we are thrilled to be able to offer consistent year round lessons!  What this means for our 400+ students is they aren’t trying to register and “get the best spot” in the summer but rather will maintain their lessons, same teacher, same time regardless of the summer season!  Our school of music has consistently seen a 10% growth each summer and our current students who want specific days/times can rest assured the time they are registered for is theirs all summer long!

One frequently asked question regarding summers includes the fact that this is a season of travel.  We understand this completely which is why we have created something unique to Rockwall School of Music in that every student who has an absence or even anticipates an absence can take a complimentary make-up class.  Yes you read that right, our make up classes are provided to our students free of charge!  Each class is an hour long, even though most lessons are only 30min.  These classes allow students to work with a professional instructor on theory, performance, and practice techniques.  We offer the classes throughout the season.  If someone anticipates being out an extended time we also offer the option to skype your lessons!!!  That’s right, you can take your lesson from anywhere.  We currently have a violin student that will be spending his summer out of the country and plans to never miss a lesson!!  He and his teacher will schedule the time and the lessons can continue all summer, ensuring the student keep his skills growing and continues to excel.

Here at Rockwall School of Music we have a desire to see our musicians learn and we look forward to watching them grow all year long!!