MusicKidsROCK! is a fun, engaging, interactive music program where kids will express themselves through music, sharpen their musical skills, exercise their creativity and compose their own music. Activities include in the curriculum are:

  • Playing musical games to build music reading skills
  • Using technology to create musical compositions
  • Expression through movement and singing
  • Exploring the relationship between science and sound
  • Playing classroom instruments
  • Much more!

The MusicKids program is open to all students in grades 2-5. Classes are offered on the elementary campuses after school. Everyone loves music! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to receive instruction from a music professional who will show your child how to put their touch on a unique composition while developing their musical skills on a deeper level.

To enroll, call the Rockwall School of Music: 972-722-6874. When enrolling, have a credit card available (VISA, Discover or MasterCard). The monthly payment is $70. MusicKidsROCK begins the week of September 11, 2017.