Preschool Camps

Ages: Going  into Pre-K/K (4-6 years old)

Preschool Camp Readiness Description:

Your child is ready for Preschool camp when he/she:

  • Can separate from the parent/caregiver for the duration of the class.
  • Can identify colors and has basic knowledge of the alphabet and counting.
  • Is able to use restrooms by themselves.
  • Can follow simple instructions from an adult who is not the parent/caregiver.

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July 16-19 (Monday thru Thursday 9:30-noon)

Can’t get enough of the excitement of the holiday? Look no further! March with us as we learn about instruments, fun folk and patriotic songs, and all that makes us “march to the beat of our own drum”.  Your child will learn the names of the instrument families, as well as work through the basics of melody/harmony and rhythm!  All of this and so much more for only $99 (Camp t-shirt included/non-refundable).  Participants must meet readiness requirements.


“HOT, HOT, HOT” Pre-K Music Lessons

August 13-16  (Monday thru Thursday 9:30-noon)

It may be hot outside, but we are chillin’ to the sweet sounds of music! Join us as we dance and sing the day away!  In cooperative movement and with musical experiences, your child will learn the basics of rhythm, complex beats and melody.  All of this and so much more for only $99 (Camp t-shirt included/non-refundable). Participants must meet readiness requirements.