Can’t say enough good things – friendly, helpful front office staff and a cello private lessons teacher who continually challenges my son. Private lesson days are his very favorite day of the week. It has so much fun to watch his musical ability grow.

Andi A.

We have been very impressed with the Rockwall School of Music. All three of my children began taking lessons in the fall. My oldest has really enjoyed learning the violin and my two youngest are having fun with piano. Their teachers have far exceeded our expectations with their instruction, encouragement, and passion for music. In fact, they have made it so enjoyable, that I decided to sign up for piano lessons myself! I would highly recommend the Rockwall School of Music.

Yvonne D.

When I was in search of a reputable place for my son’s music lessons I chose Rockwall School of Music. During the initial phone call I discovered that I had made the best choice. Mr. and Mrs. Porter have always been helpful to me and my son. They made us feel welcomed during every visit. I highly recommend RSM to everyone looking to truly learn the art of Music in a family first environment.

Myesha A.

Wow, are we grateful for the Rockwall School of Music! In a culture where the arts are undervalued and so many are out to make a quick dollar, The Rockwall School of Music continues to provide quality instruction at a reasonable price. Realistically, there is no shortcut when it comes to developing musical talent. Although some would like you to believe these arts can be learned overnight, it takes quality instruction and hours of dedicated practice. Few are willing to invest what it takes. We are grateful to discover a place that knows what it takes and will invest in the lives of students to help achieve their goals. With such a knowledgeable and friendly staff; they are eager to help and answer all our questions. My experience with Rockwall School of Music has been so positive, I look forward to enjoying the benefit of quality instruction and dedicated rehearsal. Knowing we will not get there overnight, but working with people of integrity and patience, I am confident the future looks bright.

Chett H.

Rockwall School of Music is a gem in Rockwall, providing students of any age a variety of quality music experiences. I’ve moved around the country and have never come across another place like it, and I think a large part of that is because the owners are really upstanding, positive people who really care about providing the kids (and adults) with the highest quality music education they can. I spent a year teaching there before my schedule no longer allowed it, and occasionally go in to substitute (even if I don’t usually have time for it!) because I love the place and its positive, professional atmosphere and continual nurturing of all types of musical education. I still send everyone who asks me for private lessons over to RSM. Highly recommended!

Colby P.

We have been going to Rockwall School of Music for five years and have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the teachers and the staff. I would recommend Rockwall School of Music to anyone who has a desire to learn any musical instrument. Our children thrived under the tutelage of Rockwall School of Music instructors and have gone on to become worship leaders at local area churches. Thank you Rockwall School of Music for helping us cultivate our children’s musical talents.

Dee. M

My grandson has been taking guitar lessons for about 4 years at Rockwall School of Music. Prior to attending RSM he had been receiving in home lessons and was good, but couldn’t read the music. Now his performance, knowledge and ability to read the music is phenomenal. In addition to taking guitar lessons at RSM he received instruction on the piano for a semester. This spring he will be “cutting” his first CD and we are so proud. Chuck Pangburn, Guitar Instructor and the entire RSM Team add a great value and are the reason we return each semester. Great job to all!

Donna R.

Rockwall School of Music is the best! My son took guitar lessons from Chuck Pangburn, whom also has won many awards as well as a few Grammys. He was very professional and taught my son so much. Since learning guitar from Chuck, my son has had the opportunity to play in a worship band for 6 years and is currently playing in a few other worship bands on an as needed basis, around the metroplex. Russ Porter, Owner, is a fantastic owner/manager of the school. He employs the very best music teachers across the board, from guitar, piano, voice, etc. I have personally known of several students who have succeeded in their music ability and have continued to advance in their interest of music. My son is currently at UNT majoring in Business but still has a passion for music, which was instilled from his growth and development from the Rockwall School of Music. I would highly recommend this music school, no matter what age. I forgot to mention, my husband even took guitar from the Rockwall School of Music!

Traci H.

I’ve gotten to know Russ, the owner of the Rockwall School of Music, over the last several months. Before I knew much about the school, it was clear that Russ was a business man both passionate about music and full of integrity. More than just running an excellent school, Russ is active in the community, through local music programs, churches, and activities.

I’ve personally seen the students that walk in the door of the Rockwall School of Music, and seen them improve through the instruction that Russ provides.

At the end of the day, it will be the Rockwall School of Music where my daughter goes when she’s old enough to take voice lessons; it will be Russ who I turn to when my son wants jazz guitar instruction beyond what his school offers. At some point, you’re turning some portion of your kids’ lives and interests over to others when you enroll them in music lessons. I can’t think of anyone more than Russ that I’d trust.

Russ runs the best music program for miles around. His teachers are better trained than any other group of musicians this side of Dallas. Our son started on the drums and guitar but that didn’t really work for him. Since then, he’s moved to piano and loved it. Without the music sampler class that the school of music offers, he would have given up when the first instrument wasn’t a good fit for him.

Brent M.

The staff here is amazing. My daughter has learned more piano in 3 months here than she learned in 7 months at a different place. Highly recommend this place.

Chea S.

We are more than pleased with our experience at Rockwall School of Music. Simply amazed with the progress our son has made on the violin. Superior quality of instruction and they really care about each student individual needs. Thanks so much Russ!!!

Megan H.