What can you expect from the Rockwall School of Music? We provide our very own unique and unconditional promise to each student who enrolls. In addition to this promise, we also provide a guarantee that is unmatched.

The RSM Promise: Your teacher will be world-class trained (a degreed instructor from an accredited university or the equivalent).

Your lesson will be taught in a distraction-free environment, which allows the ultimate scenario for success.

Your lesson will be taught in a safe environment and by an instructor who has received a pristine background check.

The safety of your child is priority #1 while they are away from your immediate supervision.

You can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that music lessons are provided summer, winter, spring and fall. Our year-round approach to teaching allows for multiple recitals and other performing opportunities for your student.

Guarantee: We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your lessons, or you can change to one of the other 19 private or group classes no questions asked.

There’s no other promise like this because

there is no other place like the Rockwall School of Music.

Experience the difference!