Join us in welcoming these amazing musicians to our Rockwall School of Music teaching staff! It goes without saying, RSM has a great tradition of hiring the most qualified teachers possible. I make it a goal to find music instructors whose credentials and accomplishments are secondary to their love of teaching and their love of music. violon

I chose the following individuals to join the RSM staff because:

Violin Lessons by Jesús Saenz: Jesús is a true professional. He has subbed for RSM in the past, and I always appreciate his courteous nature and the loving way he interacts with others.  He is also a very accomplished performer and is currently pursuing his Masters in Violin Performance at the University of North Texas.

Violin Lessons by Yalira Montejo: Yalira is a real treasure. Her delightful personality along with her energy makes the room electric with her obvious passion for what she does. She also comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire our aspiring musicians.  She expects to earn her Masters in Violin Performance at the University of North Texas by December of 2015.

Violin and Piano Lessons by Aaron Tsai:  Aaron is a multi-lingual instructor who will expand both our violin and piano staff.  He’s fluent in Mandarin Chinese, French, and English. His giftedness and discipline have allowed him to be proficient in both piano and violin.  Not only has Aaron already proven himself as an excellent performer, he also brings a youthful energy and enthusiasm to his students along with some of the most up-to-date teaching techniques.

Piano and Voice Lessons by Gayla Rickard: Gayla has personality plus experience! Educated at Eastman Conservatory for Music in piano and pipe organ performance plus voice and theory composition, she has a lot to offer.  Her many years of teaching piano and voice lessons have given her an array of techniques, tools, and tricks to bring to the table, and students will love her lively approach to teaching.

Piano Lessons by Dr. Evelyn Carr: Evelyn is an extremely versatile musician. Her musical journey began on the violin, but in college she gravitated toward piano and vocal performance. After receiving her Masters of Choral Music from California State University, she has employed her vast musical knowledge in a variety of educational capacities, from directing choirs, conducting orchestras, and teaching elementary music. In fact, her whole life has been dedicated to teaching music in one form or another.

Piano Lessons by Linda Harley: Linda is a very well-known, sought-after music clinician who also loves teaching children.  After a career of teaching elementary, middle school, and choral music, she also taught private piano lessons for many years. For the past 14 years, she has also been the Associate Conductor of the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas.

At RSM, our priority is to help each of our students progress toward his or her personal musical goals, and because of this, we are absolutely committed to providing the best possible music instructors.  I truly believe each of these talented musicians will provide a unique teaching perspective of a very high caliber.  I know you will feel the same!

Serving you with integrity and gratitude,

Russ Porter, Ambassador for the Arts
Director, Rockwall School of Music
749 Justin Rd, Rockwall, TX 75087
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